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Incoming Exchange Programs


QUESTION:Accommodations    (08/29/2013)

    Is it possible to stay in your dormitory? If then, How can I reserve dormitory and how much?……


QUESTION:Campus and City Life    (08/29/2013)

    I am an exchange student and I wonder if I could use my credit card in China?


QUESTION:Course Selection    (08/29/2013)

    I wanted to ask you whether the syllabus and the courses taught in English are already available or not? ...


QUESTION:Internship    (01/21/2013)

    I am currently considering doing an internship from May to June 2012 in Guangzhou. I was thereby wondering if you knew how I could find one.


QUESTION:Others Questions    (08/29/2013)

    What is Sun Yat-Sen University’s policy on accepting exchange students who are Chinese nationals? Is it possible for an international student from China to participate in the exchange program? ...


QUESTION:Semester Schedule    (01/21/2013)

    When do I need to be at the university by and what are the dates for the semester?


QUESTION:Visa    (08/29/2013)

    I got a F visa with 150-day and single entry but I am staying 163 days, what should I do? How to apply for a multiple entries?..

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