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OIA Roles



As striving for excellence is becoming the strategic goal of Sun Yat-sen Business School (SYSBS) and is engraved into our routine work, an important role of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) is to build up a platform which enables all levels of international collaboration and cooperation between SYSBS and internationally recognized business schools around the world. Our passion for contributing to the strategic goal of the School has positioned OIA as a tactical implementer.


Committed to internationally collaborative programs, OIA is continually seeking to expand the current scope and depth of internationalization, with emphasis on exploring high quality collaboration with reputable schools and introducing custom-made international programs. Apart from creating more exchange opportunities for incoming/outgoing students, we launched a number of joint-education programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels with prestigious partners worldwide. In addition, to enrich the learning experiences of our faculties and students, OIA is building a support system and working with our partners on programs including overseas summer school, business seminar, guest academic lecture, faculty exchange, visiting scholar program, and joint research project.


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